Märtha Rehnberg

Techvisionär och 3D-expert

Märtha Rehnberg är utbildad politisk ekonom, expert på 3D-teknik och tech-futurist. Utvald av både Europeiska kommissionen och danska regeringen för att växla upp hållbarhetsarbetet. Dessutom utsedd till "Leader of Tomorrow" tre år i rad. Märtha Rehnberg är en mycket efterfrågad internationell föreläsare som lär oss om morgondagens teknik och "Disruptive Innovation". Teknologisk intuition är ett måste för den digitala eran. Boka en föreläsning om innovation, kreativitet, AI och digitalisering här.


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  • Disruption, What it is, What it isn't and why it matters to you
  • Technological Intuition – the must-have skill of the Digital Era
  • What is the next small big thing?
  • The future of retail
  • Smart Technologies
  • Innovation across industries – 3D printing: from threat to opportunity
  • Moderator


Märtha Rehnberg is a technology optimist and critical thinker. She is partner of DareDisrupt, a published expert on 3D printing, and Co-founder of BLOC (Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration). Märtha is also a trained political economist and holds a double degree from Copenhagen Business School and Esade. She has been selected as a ”Leader of Tomorrow” for three years and profiled as a ”FemTech Leader”. Märtha is a former intrapreneur at the shipping conglomerate Maersk wherefrom she spearheaded the industrywide introduction of 3D printing. Now focusing on disruptive and exponential technology for sustainability, 3D printing for digital manufacturing (robotics, AI, 4D printing) and political growth strategies for sustainability.

In 2018 Märtha Rehnberg was appointed member of the High Level Industrial Roundtable “Industry 2030” by the European Commission. Responsible disruption, technological foresight and growth driven by the UN Sustainable Development Goals are all central notions to her work. She is also a member of the Growth Team for Green Energy and Environmental technology, set up by the Danish Government, to produce recommendations for businesses to excel in the green conversion needed to adhere to the Paris Agreement. Particular focus is on opportunities for digital innovation and carbon capture.

With technology Märtha Rehnberg believes we can solve the big issues of our time. She provides a young professional’s take on the technological reality we are creating. One in which the technological utopia frees us from laborious tasks that hamper creativity, encourages our mindfulness and focus to discuss and solve big issues. But also, one in which the technological dystopia deceits us into uncritical adoption and adaption, invades our understandings of ethics and privacy, and locks us to our couches streaming Netflix.

Märtha Rehnberg talks on Future of Production, Exponential Mindset and Disruptive Innovation. She believes technological intuition is the new and ubiquitous skill needed to navigate key digital technologies related to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. To this end, she also dives into industries that are in digital transformation to highlight some of the promises and perils that precisely depend on our ability to apply Technological Intuition.

Märtha Rehnberg is multilingual and can execute talks in Danish, English, French or Swedish.

Foto: Abdellah Ihadian

Språk: Danska, Engelska, Svenska och Franska
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Technological Intuition – the must-have skill of the Digital Era
We are all aware that technology is a disruptive force in our organizations. But how do you develop the collective mindset to turn powerful technologies into meaningful innovations? Märtha Rehnberg argues that technology holds the key to solve the biggest issues of our time. However, we need to nurture what she calls ”technological intuition” in order to unlock the promise while safeguarding against the perils of wrongful technology adoption. In her highly demanded presentation, she gives a young professional’s insightful perspective of the task we all face.

“You are in the midst of grasping the technology that is disrupting your organization. Most likely, you are investing in a portfolio of technologies to hedge against an exponential, digital and deceptive future. You are “Facing the Future”, stepping outside of the Matrix, and this makes you sleep at night. Are you now prepared for the reality you wake up to?

For many decades we have understood disruption from technology, and feared the changes disruption requires of us. For only a couple of years however, have we understood that disruptions today, happen faster and faster, and from places we never even knew existed. New tools, new players, and an open invitation to the space beyond the Matrix. So what are we all disrupting for?”

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– Multilingual and can execute talks in Danish, English, French or Swedish
– Selected as a Leader of Tomorrow by the St Gallen Symposium for three consecutive years
– Member of the Growth Team for Green Energy and Environmental technology, set up by the Danish Government
– Member of the High Level Industrial Roundtable “Industry 2030” by the European Commission
– Co-founder of Dare Disrupt, and Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration (BLOC) – The leading community and platform for maritime and smart city blockchain solutions
– Holds a double degree from Copenhagen Business School and Esade